National Patient Survey

What is a National Patient Survey?

National Patient Survey is a wide name for repeated national surveys of patient-perceived quality and experience of health care.

Patients' views on health care is an important source to continually improve the health care. By participating in the National Patient Survey patients get the opportunity to talk about and answer questions about their experiences and perceptions of the care they have received.

The results will be used to improve and develop the health care from a patient perspective, and as a foundation for evaluations between health care units and a tool for control and management.


All county councils and regions in Sweden have since 2009 been involved in the National Patient Survey. The work is coordinated by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. By repeating measurements we have continuously collected knowledge about patient’s views on the received care.

National joint surveys have been conducted every two years in primary care, Somatic outpatient and inpatient, emergency, psychiatric outpatient and inpatient care, Child Care outpatient and inpatient care and child psychiatry.

The county councils and regions have been able to carry out so-called “in-between measurements” or additional measurements in these areas or in other areas. Compilation and publication of results has been provided through web portals of SKR, 1177 Health Care Guide and the contractor. A series of reports and analysis reports have been carried out by external stakeholders, the media and authorities.

If you have any questions feel free to contact your local authoritie or region.